Balkan Flavours | 14-day Tour on the Balkans

Join our 14-day tour to the best places of the Balkan Peninsula. On the way we will visit Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Even though these countries are located nearby, they are very different. And still they all remain the true Balkan spirit, which you are seeking. Albania offers a unique mixture of cultural elementsContinue reading “Balkan Flavours | 14-day Tour on the Balkans”

Highlights in 7 days | Tours in Albania

ideTogether with a professional guide and driver, you will have the  multi-day trip as a perfect introduction for first-time visitors. We will visit ancient city of Apollonia, which is one of the richest sites of the Roman heritage. Swim in the Ionic Sea and discover UNESCO–listed treasures in Butrint and Gjirokastër and Berat. Discover Roman architectureContinue reading “Highlights in 7 days | Tours in Albania”

B Albania Journeys Individual and Escorted tours

Trust us your journey through the Europe’s hidden gem and we will lead you through centuries of history and culture to most exotic Balkans cuisine and pristine nature. Designated with all the love and care of the best local guides, our tours are designed to allow you to experience and enjoy the diversity and theContinue reading “B Albania Journeys Individual and Escorted tours”